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Your menu is more than just a list of dishes; it’s a silent salesperson, the first glimpse into the culinary experience you offer. At Akavn, we understand the pivotal role a menu plays in your restaurant’s success. Whether you’re launching a new establishment or refreshing an outdated menu, our exclusive menu card design services ensure that every detail reflects your brand’s identity and entices customers. 

Menu Design Packages

Standard Plan

Minimum order for 1-2 pages Design.
Logo, Content, Image to be Provided by Client
Work Assigned to Jr.Graphic Designer
1-2 Unique Menu Option
Project duration 2 Days
Unlimited FREE Revisions till project duration
Not Priniting Services available

Premium Plan

Minimum order to 1-6 pages
Logo, Content, Image to be Provided by Client
Work Assigned to Sr.Graphic Designer
2-3 Unique Menu Options
Project duration 1 Week
Use of Licence Free Image
We offer customized creativity for your unique vision, with a 100% non-refundable advance payment. Thank you for your understanding
Post-payment, we'll typically start your project after a week. We prioritise crafting a well-nurtured result over hastily avoiding missteps
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